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New Video Reveals How To Start & Scale A Digital Marketing Agency Without Cold-Calling

...AND Without Going Through Years of Struggles, Money Wasted And Stressing Yourself Out With Nobody To Help You Through The Process!

Exclusive Video from Digital Marketing Expert Thonda Taylor II Reveals How To Start & Scale A Digital Marketing Agency Without Cold-Calling: 

  • How to start a highly-profitable digital marketing agency… even during the pandemic
  • Why you should never charge by the hour (Plus: How to get clients to commit paying you monthly for stable and predictable revenues) 
  • The step-by-step guide to building a foundation before you can “fire” your boss and get out from dead-end jobs
  • ​​3 easy ways to “upsell” your clients for higher-ticket services which are the essential aspect of any digital marketing agency who wants to survive in the long-term
  • ​How to effortlessly get new clients… without cold calling anybody EVER

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